Our services

Initially specializing in project management, our company has expanded its range of services to include consulting in the areas of:  

Over time, one thing hasn’t changed: we enjoy each new challenge.    

We are determined to achieve your goals

Genipro Consultants is a firm recognized for its qualified staff and high-level services. Its human dimension also allows us to become true partners for our clients. We stand out through our attentiveness, our presence and our special attention to the attainment of your goals.

We have versatile expertise, developed in the pharmaceutical industry

Several members of our team have significant field experience gained among best in class pharmaceutical industry leaders prior to carrying out major projects in inhabited environments and complex sectors as consultants. 

They have acquired valuable field expertise and developped reflexes as well as the utmost rigour which allow them with context to approach each situation from a client perspective who must then live with the solutions.

Our customer base

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and cosmetic plants

Laboratories and clinical research centres

Logistics and distribution centres


Educational institutions

Healthcare facilities

Our promises

Unparalleled accessibility

Involved and responsive, we act quickly with regard to your requests. Furthermore, members of our leadership team are always available when our clients need them.

Highly qualified partners

Our vast network of trusted professionals and contractors allows you to find reliable partners for the execution of your projects.

Flawless integrity

When we recommend a supplier of goods or services, your interests are paramount. When negotiating contracts or supervising work, we ensure that your objectives, guidelines and budget are met. 

Leadership team. Proven Leaders.

Founding President, Partner

Nicolas Harvey, Eng.

Over the last 30 years, Nicolas has been involved in a multitude of major projects, mainly in the pharmaceutical sector. Over the years, this recognized expert has surrounded himself with partners who share his vision and ethics.

“When I founded Genipro, I wanted to build a business known for the excellence of its services and the competence of its staff. My greatest pride is the satisfaction of our customers.”

Vice-President, Partner

Jean-Michel Tremblay, Eng., MBA, PMP

What Jean-Michel likes most of all: planning and executing complex projects, whether in the pharmaceutical or other sectors. This results-oriented leader favours simple and logical solutions within the framework of rigorous processes.

“Our clients are always at the core of my concerns. I make it my duty to respond quickly to their needs by using the experience and passion of our team.”

Vice-President, Partner

Philippe Gouin, T.P.

Endowed with strategic vision and a strong analytical mind, Philippe leads a multidisciplinary team of consultants serving the pharmaceutical industry. His mission is to contribute to the development of a world-class pharmaceutical and biotech industry in Québec.

“I had the opportunity to develop my expertise under the leadership of a world’s top tier pharmaceutical manufacturer. These 15 years of field practice provided me with an in depth knowledge of our clients’ context and help me reach their goals from the get-go.”

Project Director

Brigitte Roy, Eng.

Brigitte knows a lot about plant construction, especially in the pharmaceutical field. No matter what project she undertakes, she does so with absolute thoroughness and a concern for maintaining fluid communication with the client.

“My ability to communicate and adapt help me integrate into our clients’ teams and perform quickly, which promotes project success.”

Director, Qualification and Validation

Éric Monot, B.Sc.

A seasoned professional in the pharmaceutical industry, Éric leads our quality assurance and regulatory compliance consulting services. With his proven effectiveness, he reliably provides our clients with optimal results.

“My approach, based on a plant floor reality and my background in regulated environments, allows me to achieve compliance at a lower cost. Risk management and common sense pay off!”

Director, Reliability and Maintenance

François-Guillaume Lambert, Eng., D.E.S.S.

François-Guillaume’s work focuses on increasing the availability, reliability and life span of assets, as well as reducing maintenance costs. His ultimate goal is to help companies become more productive.

“I know how essential it is to optimize equipment performance and maximize its life span. My approach to reliability is designed to give tangible results.”