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Integration of new automation/IT platform


Manufacturing and packaging plant for innovative semi-solid oral pharmaceutical products


Montreal area (Quebec), Canada




As part of the development of a new dosage form, our client needed an automation/IT expert in his project team to interface with the integrator and ensure the compliance and operability of its new facilities.


Genipro was mandated to accompany the client for a period of two years, from the conceptual phase to the qualification of the plant, acting as the automation/IT expert in his team.


The main challenge of this project was to understand and identify the technical elements required for the design of the systems, since the innovative process and associated production equipment prototypes were developed as the plant was being built. The key was to guide designers, integrators and OEMs to prepare a modular and highly flexible automation architecture. This platform had to be autonomous from an automation stand point and yet be integrated into the customer's existing IT infrastructure. Our mastery of the technologies and associated regulatory requirements contributed to the success of this technical challenge.
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