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Introduction of a New Product Requiring Unusual Environmental Conditions




Project management


In the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a consumer pharmaceutical client approached us with the need to find a site within their factory network that could be adapted to accommodate the manufacture and packaging of a new product. However, this product required unusual environmental conditions of very low relative humidity.


The client gave us 5 months to manage their project in Montréal. Within these 5 months, we had to have the project accepted, define the needs, pre-order the equipment, do the work and respect the suitability of the systems and equipment. We first defined the client's needs by finding out about the introduction of the new product in all departments of the factory (storage, sampling, dispensing, manufacturing and packaging). We were then aware of what type of equipment we needed and sourced the professionals and suppliers who would be able to help us within the prescribed timeframe. Throughout the project, it was absolutely necessary to ensure and enforce safe working practices for the installation of the equipment. This meant that we co-ordinated the implementation and modification of the HVAC systems in a production plant that had to remain operational at all times.


This contract was a great challenge as it allowed us to complete a fast-track project in 5 months in a plant governed by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) processes. Genipro also acted as the client's representative in the execution of the work by supervising the subcontractors.
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