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Establisment of a preventive maintenance program for a veterinary distribution centre


Veterinary distribution centre


Reliability and maintenance


Following the construction of its new distribution centre for veterinary products under the management of our project team, our client wanted to set up a preventive maintenance program to maximize the return on investment of its modern equipment.


Genipro was mandated by the client to develop a preventive maintenance program for the operating equipment and the mechanical systems of the building to establish maintenance records and procedures and to provide technical support for the start-up of the equipment.


Thanks to our team's experience in the management of maintenance of building mechanics, utilities and procedures, we were able to quickly establish an action plan and analyze the engineering documents that came with the building in order to establish a complete list of equipment. A calendar was created from this list, identifying all preventive maintenance recommended by the manufacturer or by well-defined standards. With our expertise, we were able to identify equipment that required regulatory inspections and maintenance. The challenge was to develop a management and planning tool with an easy-to-use spreadsheet in the absence of a maintenance department and also to comply with GMP for critical equipment. At the same time, we carried out a continuous monitoring of the systems in operation in order to detect "teething problems” and non-compliant installations.
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