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Implementation of a particles measuring system


Sterile liquids pharmaceutical manufacturing plant


Montreal area (Quebec), Canada


Project management


As part of the expansion of his manufacturing plant, our client needed a project manager specialized in automation to ensure a successful implementation of a new particles measuring system for its new sterile suite.


Genipro was mandated as the client project manager to coordinate internal resources and interface with the system’s vendor.


When we got appointed as project manager, the project had already been in its execution phase for over a year and we were 16 weeks away from the overall plant start-up. The particles measuring system was on the critical path of the plant startup. Our first priority was to set up a weekly meeting with the vendor to review all needs and ensure that the planned system met the business objectives. We then planned the installation date with the manufacturer to support the plant start-up and reserve installation and qualification resources. In the first weeks, we focused to finalize the qualification documentation with the vendor. We installed the required software on the client's IT infrastructure and provided access to the manufacturer to pre-configure as many components as possible before installing the physical components of the system (particle counters, controller, wiring and tubing, etc.). Throughout the project, we had to deal with a critical shortage of personnel at the manufacturer's site, which we were able to overcome through tight stakeholder management. Thanks to effective project management and a sense of urgency that was well communicated to stakeholders, we were able to deliver the system on time and on budget, in time for plant start-up and despite the many constraints and unforeseen events.
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