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Audit of maintenance department of a hospital in Ontario


Hospital in Ontario


Reliability and maintenance


The hospital called upon the expertise of Genipro's Reliability and Maintenance Department to conduct an efficiency diagnostic of its maintenance department processes and also of its Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). In 2020, the hospital was equipped with a patient service management software that includes a maintenance management module. The transition to this new CMMS was not without its problems and some data were compromised. When it came to the operational side, the client noted that the management of corrective and preventive work lacked thoroughness, which resulted in a backlog of work requests. The opening of its new clinic in the last year aggravated the difficulties that the maintenance department was trying to overcome.


Genipro offered to conduct an on-site audit of the hospital's maintenance department over two days. The audit was meant to gather information on the status of the maintenance program and to analyze the various processes that drive the activities of the department. The audit report demonstrated the results of the diagnosis and proposed a realistic action plan to reach the management's objectives, but also compared the proposals with best practices observed in world-class companies.


Analyzing a department's processes in a limited amount of time and highlighting areas for improvement that will make a difference is a complex task. At Genipro, we have developed a tool for analyzing maintenance processes and internal customer satisfaction which, during execution, brings to light the grey areas and even the taboo subjects. The expertise acquired by the team has made it possible to customize the recommendations according to the objectives and reality of a care centre. Our recommendations were achievable in less than six months and the client was satisfied with the overview the report provided.
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